Cabin Party Planning Info

Should I do this instead of going to a strip club?
Yes, because there are no strip clubs in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge. So, if you are planning a bachelor party in the Great Smoky Mountains and want to enjoy adult entertainment, then having the strippers come to you is the only option.
Will we be able to choose the dancers?

Absolutely! If you make a request on our contact page we can send you real pics of the girls available. Hot Gatlinburg Strippers is the only service for the area using real photos of the dancers available.

Be wary of companies that want you to choose from vague "descriptions"? If they won't send you pictures of the girls, is probably for a good reason; you won't want them when you see them. Also watch out for companies who want you to choose from lists with "entertainer 1"; this is the hallmark of a bait and switch. Strippers have names, not numbers and by golly they want you to use their names.

When making your request for pictures, let us know when you will be having your party. That way we can send you pics of the girls who will be available on the night of your event.

What kind of entertainment do you provide?
Hot Gatlinburg Strippers provide classy exotic entertainment for practically any type of occasion including birthdays, bachelor parties, fraternity parties, going aways, retirements or office parties. Along with these types of events we can also help with any additional requests or theme requirements.
Can the parties go over the allotted time slot?
Most parties end up lasting longer than the time limit. The entertainers will dance longer if the guys are tipping generously and treating the girls with respect.
How far in advance should i call to reserve my event?
I highly recommend that you book your party as early as possible. While same day service can be provided, you will have a better chance of getting the time slot you require with advance notice.
Should we tip the exotic dancers?
Absolutely! The dancers do lap dances and party games for tips. The more you tip, the longer the party lasts and the more fun your guests have.
How do I make a reservation?
Call during business hours and I will walk you through the reservation process and answer any questions you have. All I need from you to make a reservation is your name, phone number, city and the date of the event, the rest of the information can be given to us as you finalize your plans.
Do you perform at hotels?
Our entertainers often perform in hotels. if you're planning a hotel party keep in mind the location, accessibility, parking and security. Make sure the room is big enough for all of your party guest and the entertainers to perform their show. I recommend that you book a suite or joining rooms; this provides more space, helps with the noise level and gives the dancers a private changing area.
How many people need to be at the event?
We ask that there be at least 4 people at the event. The more the merrier! However, we recommended roughly one dancer for every 10 guys. This way everyone has a great experience. We don't do one-on-one shows. Parties and events only!